Early Signs of Autism

Autism is a disorder most common in young children that can cause many mental development issues. According to experts, the rate of autism in children is on the rise with some experts estimating that five in every one thousand children have autism. Though much research has been done on the disease, it is still unclear of what the cause for autism is. Autism is incurable, though proper therapy and treatment can counter the symptoms of autism and render it virtually unnoticeable in many children. The earlier autism is detected, the better.

It is common for most children with autism to show no symptoms or signs within their first few months, though for others it may take two or three years for the disease to become apparent. If you know what to look for, catching the signs of autism early can be crucial in countering its effects.

Autism is exhibited through behavioral issues, speech and language defects, and poor social skills. Each of these components has various early signs you can look for to determine whether or not your child has autism.

Behavioral issues can include repetitive physical movement such as running back and forth, spinning, or jumping, a dependence on routines in order to complete simple daily tasks, such as needing to take a certain number of steps to cross a room, a lack of focus and attention, the fixation of tiny details, and sensitivity to light, sound, and touch.

Language deficits can include slow speech development and a forgetfulness of words and phrases that were just learned. Autistic children will also avoid looking someone in the eyes as they speak and may communicate in a monotone emotionless voice. Autistic children may also have trouble holding a conversation and may grasp for the appropriate reply to simple questions.

The last feature of autism is poor social skills. Children with autism tend to play alone and will ignore any other children in the room. Furthermore, children with autism may have trouble with physical affection, such as hugging, and may be unable to show compassion or empathy.

It is important to remember that just because your child shows some of the above symptoms does not mean they have autism. You should consult a doctor to receive a diagnosis if you believe your child does have autism. Regardless, experts agree that early diagnosis of autism is crucial in helping to prevent the problems associated with it. [www.Ezinearticles.com]

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