Symptoms of Diabetes - Signs That Can Easily Be Detected

One of the most unwavering symptoms of diabetes is an elevated level of the blood sugar. Diabetes is of two kinds- Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, this symptom instigates because of the failure of the body to generate enough insulin to manage blood sugar. On the contrary, in Type II diabetes, the body develops a resistance to insulin; hence, it cannot appropriately utilize what it produces.

Unfortunately, imbalanced blood sugar level is not something a normal person can make out or detect on his own, leaving him unaware if he has diabetes. Nevertheless, ignoring the signs can lead to fatal health problems and difficulty. For that matter, here are some of the generic 'warning' symptoms of diabetes that a layman can detect:

Excessive Urination :

Excessive urination is one of the most popular symptoms of diabetes. According to the medical science, an adult who pees more than 51ml every two hours is usually taken to have a higher than normal output.

If you feel that you are urinating excessively, then it may be an indication that you are suffering from diabetes.


People suffering from diabetes usually complain of excessive thirst. Thirst due to diabetes occurs because of the shortage of a hormone that controls water secretion by the kidneys. A considerable quantity of water is needed to recompense for the huge amount of urine that is passed. It is taken care of with hormone replacement, which regulates the symptoms.

Remember, if you feel thirsty all the time, even when you have not worked out or gone out in the sun, then get yourself tested, you maybe diabetic.


Fatigue and mood swings are the other known symptoms of diabetes. If you feel tired all the time and are not able to do your chores properly then you may be suffering from this disease. Diabetes plays havoc with a person's mood, with abrupt mood swings and irritability. The person also feels very lethargic with a decreased mental and physical capability.

Overall, there is a serious decrease in the energy levels. Such decrease happens because the body is not able to convert food into vigor.

Eye Problems:

If you are experiencing a vision problem and the problem is only getting worse, without you being able to understand why, then you may be suffering from diabetes. Poor vision is a big symptom of diabetes.

Bare in mind that diabetes is capable of rendering an individual blind. Hence, immediately get yourself checked if you feel a blurred vision.

Remember, diabetes is a serious problem and has grave side effects. If not treated on time, it could lead to the death of an individual. Although once detected it cannot be annihilated completely, but it can be controlled. Hence, if you feel any of the above symptoms of diabetes in you, consult a doctor immediately. Visit Diabetes to know more about this disease. []

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